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Flexibility across devices, channels & formats

Third-party cookie deprecation and the Apple IDFA opt-in are issues that impact a marketer’s ability to target and reach consumers across devices with relevance and respect.

While the industry must collaborate to work towards a solution to solve for these issues long-term, the ability exists today for marketers to choose the identifiers on which they transact. Investing in first-party identity means users have a direct relationship to the brand and publisher website they are linked to.

1P common IDs are designed to respect privacy preferences and offer incomparably more control and transparency than the convoluted and opaque 3P cookie-based ecosystem. MediaMath’s identity infrastructure is designed to be future-proofed in the face of market, regulatory and technical uncertainty.

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Identity Whitepaper

While first-party common IDs are the way forward, they're early in their product lifecycle. To continue making meaningful progress, MediaMath has invested in rearchitecting its proprietary identity infrastructure to easily, natively integrate any credible ID as it gains utility and scale in the ecosystem, providing flexibility and choice for advertisers.

MediaMath's identity marketplace enables you to:

Transact programmatically on all major common IDs, including LiveRamp’s IDL and Merkle’s Merkury ID*
*Merkle integration is available in the US only
Use first-party identity to replace third-party cookies
Activate a consistent identity space from brand to publisher
Combine identity spaces for extended reach
Extend deterministic scale with probabilistic associations

Bracing for the post-third party cookie world

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