Download “Advancing Practices in Real-Time Marketing” Now

Marketers, brands, and customers are ready for the real-time marketing paradigm.

"Advancing Practices in Real-Time Marketing," a July 2014 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of MediaMath, examines the marketing industry’s progress towards truly achieving real-time, one-to-one marketing, and the developing trends that are driving a new vision of marketing over the next one to three years.

Download "Advancing Practices in Real-Time Marketing" to discover how marketers, across verticals, are working to overcome barriers when it comes to data, the integration of technology and processes, and change management.

You'll learn how successful marketers are:

•    Implementing "Big Data" strategies
•    Determining the right technology to support their strategies
•    Incorporating "test and learn" as a key part of their strategy
•    Using one-to-one marketing for more than just driving transactions
•    Democratizing analytics and data

MediaMath is a global technology company that empowers marketers to engage with consumers, individually, at scale, across all of the world’s digital media. Our platform, the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, is an open, extensible platform that automates the execution of media buying, activates data, and optimizes every interaction with consumers, across all digital channels, in real-time, based upon our proprietary learning and decisioning algorithm.