Make purpose a differentiator for your brand

According to a recent Dynata survey, a majority of consumers say brands share responsibility if their ads appear next to hateful content. Ensure that where and how you spend your advertising dollars reflect your brand’s values and purpose, with Purpose-Driven Advertising, an initiative by MediaMath composed of products, services, and advocacy.

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In addition to enabling marketers to meet their traditional KPIs, MediaMath helps brands put their advertising spend to work to:

Finance quality media and preserve the open Internet
Show solidarity with social movements like Black Lives Matters
Finance diverse media and voices that are underrepresented
Contribute to an ecosystem that respects consumers and their privacy
Finance the preservation of journalism
Deliver greater transparency in political advertising

MediaMath Multicultural Marketplace

MediaMath’s Multicultural Marketplace is designed to activate advertising spends on nearly 1000 multicultural publishers that are either owned by or focused on building content for People of Color. Through this purpose-driven marketplace, brands and agencies can communicate solidarity, reach diverse audiences, support minority publishers, reward quality content with journalistic standards, and preserve the open internet.

One fortune Fortune 100 B2B company championed diversity and inclusion while improving overall performance:


decrease in CPM


more efficient CPA

Start Championing & Amplifying Diverse Voices

Penguin Random House has joined MediaMath in its mission to empower brands to amplify diverse voices by being the first brand to join the Multicultural Marketplace.

Stop Financing Misinformation & Disinformation Fueling Chaos

MediaMath becomes the first DSP to integrate with GDI to protect brands and agencies from disinformation sources and content across the open web.

Activate campaigns that transform social media content into display ads seamlessly

MediaMath and Spaceback empower marketers to harness the power of social media in display advertising via accountable and addressable programmatic channels.

The Partnerships Enabling Purpose-Driven Advertising