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Identity & the Future
of Online Advertising

The third-party cookie will go away by 2021. To succeed in the present and prepare for the future in which the third-party cookie is no longer an option, advertisers must unravel the technical challenges of identity and addressability, which is the ability to deliver holistic, personalized messaging in the open Internet. Then, advertisers must actively demand that technology providers, publishers and browsers create a standard that meets the requirements of all stakeholders. This includes respect for consumer privacy preferences and standards that unify identity across the open Web, allowing value exchange to continue supporting the vast community of publishers. We’ve designed a blueprint for how to plan for a post-third-party cookie world in our latest whitepaper, “Preparing for a Post-Third-Party Cookie World: Identity & the Future of Online Advertising.”

Download to learn about:

• The advantages of bidding on multiple identifiers

• Recommended implementations of deterministic or probabilistic graphs

• The 1P approach to replace 3P cookies


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