Maintain Your Brand’s Reputation and Safety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic dominates the news and much of the content we’re consuming today. Brands understandably want to avoid ad placements adjacent to negative news stories, but high-quality publishers still have plenty of valuable inventory worthy of your message.

MediaMath is the first DSP to offer comprehensive coronavirus contextual targeting through our partner Peer39. Together, we’ve developed a solution more granular than keywords to avoid over-blocking most Internet pages. Peer39 contextual targeting can be applied to any strategy on any inventory source, and, when used in campaigns run through SOURCE by MediaMath, increases your addressability in the exact environments in which you feel comfortable advertising, in addition to ones you’d like to avoid.

As part of our solution, we have:
Augmented our URL classification system to be able to identify content specific to COVID-19
Devised new, COVID-19-specific categories that are more intelligent than just the identification of keywords alone
Combined these layers to provide a robust and differentiated approach to identifying COVID-19-specific content
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